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About the program

Create the most transformative time while in Spain or Latin America.

Introducing the ultimate travel bundle for adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts – the Travel to Spain and Latin America Bundle!

With this bundle, you’ll get access to two powerful courses that will help you transform your trip into an unforgettable experience that allows you to truly connect with locals and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures of Spain and Latin America. 

So whats included in each program?

  • 30 Days of Slack voice and text support TUE-THU to ask questions, stay motivated, practice some Spanish to feel more comfortable with the language 
  • 15 Daily Challenges to learn to integrate the language naturally in your day 
  • 4 Modules with downloadable material 
  • Grammar and Vocabulary books
  • HD Video lessons 
  • Audio with transcript 
  • Reading material 
  • Feedback to each exercise to keep improving and be fully ready to be in Spain or Latin America 
  • Spanish Cheat-Sheets to fast-track your fluency 
  • Lifetime access to material, updates and course 
  • Learn the details of travel planning for a trip of a lifetime such as location, budgeting, visas, insurance, etc  
  • Discover the locations that will suit your travel goals  
  • How to perfectly plan your adventure  
  • How to perfectly prepare your bag and your gear for your dream trip  
  • How to handle your paperwork and all the essentials that are crucial before you leave  
  • How to avoid the things that are often forgotten and perfectly prepare your home before you leave    
  • How to locate and book unique, cozy, cheap and different types of accommodation  
  • How to get around smoothly once your on location How to communicate for free once your abroad   
  • How to volunteer and work abroad 
  • The options available for you to work & fund your travels long term, stress-free 
  • 30 Days of Slack voice and text support TUESDAY to THURSDAY to ask questions, stay motivated, practice some Italian to feel more comfortable with the languages

Program outcomes

Setting up an intentional experience for clients based in systemized workflows makes all the difference. Plus it saves you time, your greatest asset.

Your income shouldn’t be a guessing game. It’s time to get in control of the money coming in to your bank account and learn what to do with it.

When you take your business full time you get to decide what hours you work. More importantly, which ones you don’t.

Explore Latin America and Spain, learning Spanish and planning trips, experiencing rich culture, history, and beauty, exploring iconic landmarks, enjoying delicious cuisine, and forming meaningful connections.

Invest in language skills and trip planning to fully enjoy Spain and Latin America's offerings.

Feel confident planning your (solo) trip to Spain or Latin America by being prepared to travel, be abroad and communicate with locals.

Enroll in this course to realize your travel dreams in Latin America or Spain, avoiding regrets and maximizing time.

Empower yourself to become a confident, independent traveler, experiencing personal growth and accomplishments while navigating Latin America and Spain with ease and creating lifelong memories.

Course offers travel hacks, tips, and self-discovery to save money, overcome fear, and embark on a journey.

This is for you if

  •  Someone who has a strong desire to learn Spanish and explore Spain or Latin America.
  • Those who want to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and beauty of Latin America.
  • Solo travelers who seek meaningful connections with locals and a deeper understanding of other countries.
  • People who want to overcome language barriers and communicate effectively in Spanish.
  • You value independence, confidence, and empowerment as a solo traveler.
  • Anyone who wants to discover hidden gems and lesser-known attractions in Latin America or Spain.
  • Those who recognize the importance of investing in their language skills and trip planning knowledge.
  • Travel enthusiasts who are ready to take action and make their Latin American travel dreams a reality.  

This isn't for you if

  • Travelers who prefer guided tours and organised itineraries over independent exploration.
  • You are not open to stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • You are not open to engaging with locals
  • You are not open to embracing cultural immersion during their trip to Latin America or Spain. 

From empowered global citizens

Pay in Full

$ 202
  • From Nada to Español: Crash Spanish
  • Daydream to Destination
  • 30 Days of Slack Support
  • Get 10% discount - apply code "NOMADSSKILLSHARE10" at checkout
90% OFF

2 payments of $112/Month $112 x 2 months

$ 101 /2 Month
  • From Nada to Español: Crash Spanish
  • Daydream to Destination
  • 30 Days of Slack Support
  • Get 10% discount - apply code "NOMADSSKILLSHARE10" at checkout
90% OFF

About the scholarships

Buy 1 Give 1 Scholarship!

The goal of our Nomads Skillshare courses is to support global citizens to learn new skills while at the same time empowering local communities to do the same.

For every online course someone buys, we give one scholarship for a self-paced course to someone who can’t otherwise afford it, so they can upskill along with you!

Learn the skills to live the life you imagined and help others do the same! 🌀 




About your instructor

HI! I am Robin, Travel & Lifestyle Mentor and CEO of Our Connected World.

I’m an educator and speaker who helps women in life transitions embrace a travel lifestyle that is aligned with a life of time, location and financial freedom that they desire.

I am a seasoned world traveller with a background in Psychology and over 5 years of Marketing and Mentoring experience.

I’ve spent over a decade being a student abroad, an expat, a nomad, a backpacker and now an immigrant – to create a life that sets my soul on fire.

Self-paced course

$ 195
  • 10 hours online content
  • Community learning
  • Buy 1 Give 1 Scholarship

Self-paced + live training

$ 395
  • 10 hours online content
  • Community learning
  • Buy 1 Give 1 Scholarship
  • 4 live sessions (2.5h each)
  • Recordings of live sessions
  • Assignments
  • Internship opportunity


Instagram Management Job Placement Program

Note: In general if you do both you are looking at 1 if you dedicate 1h/5 days a week and 2 months for less. 

What Duolingo doesn’t give you is a clear roadmap to learning Spanish and customized support. With this course, you also get access to a private community and direct access to me (your teacher) where you can ask for feedback and receive extra support throughout the program.

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