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No matter if you already live the nomadic life or you’re an aspiring Nomad, never feel lonely with our Nomads Community! We actively gather and connect nomads from everywhere in the world, not just with each other but with their local communities as well.

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Your contribution supports our impact programs, making it possible to empower our scholarship students from less privileged backgrounds to learn life-changing skills and to inspire global citizens to share their skills with social causes through our volunteer matching program.

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Our Impact

Since 2018, our socially-conscious team of more than 100 volunteers & ambassadors have hosted thousands of global citizens at 150 social impact events, trips, masterclasses, workshops, masterminds & skillshares.

Here’s a quick story to illustrate our impact…

A wonderful Indonesian woman named Vera was working at a salon. She had dreams of getting a job that would give her more pay, more skills & more freedom to live the life she imagined. One day, Vera heard that we offered scholarships to our courses and took a leap of faith to chase down her dreams.

As our team trained & mentored Vera, she learned the skills & gained the confidence she needed to quit her job at the salon and now works remotely as a Social Media Manager & Virtual Assistant for several clients including Nomads Skillshare!
We’re so proud of Vera & thank her for her inspiration!

With your support, we’ll grow our impact exponentially & help empower many more people like Vera to live the life they imagined! We have built the rocket & now we’re calling on you for the fuel to take off!

Our Community

Are you a mentor or coach looking to share your knowledge or skills with more clients? We understand many of you would prefer to invest more of your time and energy to do what you do best – helping your clients achieve their goals – rather than on sales and marketing.

We support you to:


We are partnering with NGOs, social enterprises and non-profit organizations around the world who have specific needs so we can match them with kind-hearted volunteers like you who have skills to offer 💙. Check out our Volunteer Matching Program!

Giving opportunity to those with less privilege is core to our impact mission. Click here to learn more about scholarship program that empowers less privileged students.

You can access our online events & workshops by joining our community at www.nomadsskillshare.com.

Yes, we welcome all socially-conscious global citizens!
Your contribution as an Impact Advocate buys 1 course for our scholarship students per year; and as Impact Champion, buys 3 courses for our scholarship students per year.

We are one social enterprise with two complementary impact missions. At Nomads Giving Back, we inspire you to give back the communities you call home away from home. At Nomads Skillshare, we empower you to learn the skills to live the life you imagined!

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