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For Nomads from Nomads! Our community is made of great people with expertise, skills and hidden talents by the dozen and ready to pass the knowledge on. Join, learn, flourish with them on and offline!

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No matter if you already live the nomadic life or you’re an aspiring Nomad, never feel lonely with the Nomads Community! We actively gather and connect nomads from everywhere in the world, with each other, and with their local communities.

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Nomads Skillshare's events inspire me to follow my passions and learn new skills


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"Authentic & enlightening skillshares that inspire growth and self-development ..."


by 1,200+ Attendees for 75+ Events

Creating a safe space to share ideas with like-minded people


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From empowered global citizens

As learners, they strive to master new & current skills to become self-sustaining & live the life they imagine

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