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About Nomads Skillshare! Instructor Application

Nomads Skillshare! Instructor Application allows everyday creators, entrepreneurs, and instructors — digital nomads like you to easily share your skills, deliver content and online courses  to our growing community of nomads and global citizens.  Whether you’re just beginning to share your expertise or are an established professional trainer, our Nomads Skillshare! is a great way to reach nomads and global citizens around the world.  We want to connect instructors and their valuable skills to current and aspiring digital nomads so they can learn what they need to thrive as remote workers and global citizens to live the life they imagined.

We also love making it easier for instructors to give back! We’re proud of our Buy 1, Give 1 Scholarship program – for every course a student buys, we give a scholarship to a less privileged student.

Our platform is very flexible! Depending on your needs, we can simply market your course to our community and link directly to your existing delivery platform, or we can offer managed hosting services and deliver your course directly from our Community Platform.

Why Partner with Nomads Skillshare!


Make a positive impact on the local communities that nomads call home away from home. With each course sold, a scholarship is given to a local community member so they can learn digital skills at an affordable rate.


Strengthen your brand by working with an established organization that has a strong reputation in the global nomad community as well as a physical presence in several local hubs.


Expand your audience by leveraging our growing nomad community, and benefit from us promoting you and your courses via our social media channels.

The Marketplace Process is Simple

Instructor Application


Course Onboarding

Course Delivery

"I’m thrilled and honoured to host my course with Nomads Skillshare! The 1 for 1 scholarship program won my heart. I can’t wait to get information about online businesses out to more people so they can be empowered to start their digital nomad lifestyle."

Johanna, Solopreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can partner with Nomads Skillsshare?

Whether you are a seasoned or up-and-coming instructor, we are happy to review your course and experience to see if it’s a good fit for the nomad community.

What’s the general structure of a NS course? What is the primary teaching method?

A typical Nomads Skillshare course is video-based with additional teaching tools (like assignments, quizzes, exercises, etc). These additional tools are not mandatory but can be helpful to create a richer learning experience for students. We also offer course communities within our community platform for a better learning experience.

Do you offer any resources for the instructors?

If your course is not already online, our team has the expertise and resources to facilitate the entire process through our online platform.

We hope you’ll join us to inform, inspire, and empower nomads and global citizens around the world! The first step is completing this short instructor application, so we can learn more about you and your course. Or you can contact with questions.