Nomads Mastermind

Empower Your Journey & Transform Challenges into Opportunities with Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

About The Event

Nomads Mastermind is an in-person gathering for digital nomads, global citizens, expats, and locals seeking collaboration and growth. Tackle business challenges, gain new insights, and expand your network in a dynamic, supportive setting.

Outcome Of The Event

Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Walk away from Nomads Mastermind with actionable solutions to your business and personal challenges, enhanced networking connections, and the inspiration to achieve your next level of success. This event promises not just insights, but tangible progress in your entrepreneurial journey.

Event Details


Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Kiin Living, Medellin

What to Expect?

Discover the Power of Collective Wisdom

Dive into a realm where personal and business challenges are transformed into opportunities for growth

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Collaborate with peers to tackle challenges, sharing insights and solutions.

Faciliated Guided Sessions

Draw on the wisdom of experienced instructors to drive meaningful, actionable discussions.

Authentic Connections

Form genuine bonds with fellow nomads, creating a supportive network beyond mere networking.

Creative Collaboration

Engage in brainstorming that leverages diverse perspectives, catalyzing innovative solutions.

Growth and Inspiration

Foster personal and professional development in an environment that motivates and inspires.

Invest in Your Growth

Public Fee


Colombian & Kiin Resident Fee

  • 33% Discount for Colombian Locals
  • 33% Discount for Kiin Living Residents

Bank Transfer

Kindly make the payment directly to this bank account:

  • Bancolombia Ahorros (Savings)
  • Account Number: 00500005997
  • The Nomads Group SAS
  • NIT: 901738119

Since we are unable to collect your personal contact information to reach out through this method, please send the proof of transaction to +57 315 4902013 or

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Curious about the event? Wondering about logistics, topics, or anything else? Feel free to reach out to us directly at +57 315 4902013 or . We’re here to assist you and ensure you’re fully prepared for this empowering experience.

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Public Fee


Colombian & Kiin Resident Fee

  • 33% Discount for Colombian Locals
  • 33% Discount for Kiin Living Residents

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