Money Bootcamp

Overcome the financial problems you face

About the course

Money Bootcamp

Whether it’s struggling with living paycheck to paycheck, paying off debt, or reaching financial goals, this course is designed to help you overcome all those financial problems you face.

This is a 3-part pre-recorded webinar that’ll cover how to master your money mindset, how to set a budget that works for you, financial planning strategies, money tips plus answers to frequently asked questions.

You’ll also receive Mill’s Budget Setting tool and her instructions on how to fill it out and use it. You’ll be able to set your financial goals, get a hold of your expenses, create a debt repayment plan and plan for your taxes. This course is offered in 2 formats – either for fixed income earners or variable income earners.

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Learning outcomes

Taking ownership of your finances so you can set and reach your financial goals

How to master your money mindset by taking a step back and objectively looking at your finances in a new light