Master Your Money

Become the master of your money in just 90 days

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About the course

Become the master of your money in just 90 days

This course is geared to help individuals master their money in 90 days! This looks like stopping living paycheck to paycheck, paying off debt up to 2x faster, and reaching financial goals. The course includes:
  • Biweekly One-on-One Coaching Sessions – These are individual coaching sessions where you can learn about a specific financial literacy topic or get your questions answered. This is where we tailor the program around you.
  • 6-Module Core Framework – Mastering your money starts with using the MKB (Mills Knows Bills) Methodology as your roadmap and building a strong foundation so you can have a financially successful future. This online component features videos, guides, worksheets, tools, and much more!
  • Exclusive access to the Master Your Money community group – Have your questions answered by me or other members of the program! This is also where you can access all previous Deep-Dive Mastery Trainings and Expert Cash Conversations.
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Learning outcomes

Understanding why money mindset is so important and how it affects your financial success. Plus learn how to keep your mindset at the forefront of your financial decision-making