Maximizing Your Impact with Social media

Skillshare Masterclass hosted by Tiff Ng from Nomads Giving Back! & Nomads Skillshare!



Tiff Ng Presents: “Maximizing Your Impact with Social media”

Have you ever felt that your social media could be doing more for you and the world? Are you frustrated with the negativity on the platforms? This workshop is for you. 

We’ll be taking you through the ways to communicate more effectively on social media and use the tools to maximize your impact. 

You’ll learn:

Telling your story in the best way for each platform

Key principles for creating engaging and meaningful content

How to connect with your audience for the long term

Tips on how to create safe spaces online for your audience

You’ll walk away with practical tips on doing good with social media and how to make your digital presence more beneficial for both you and your audience.


About Tiff Ng:

Tiff Ng is the Founder and Chief Storyteller at The Social Story – a social media agency helping impact-driven business share their impact. She is passionate about empowering people to tell their stories in meaningful ways through social. 

Tiff has a decade of experience in social media, working across businesses in tech, food, entertainment, and more to connect the dots between brands and their audience. She focuses on how businesses can build lasting relationships that inform, inspire and activate their audiences. Moreover, she looks at ways that social can be a tool for social impact – from how we can make it more accessible to how we can promote ideas of inclusivity and sustainability with every post.

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