Data analyst level 1: excel and tableau

Unlock the power of data: Learn the fundamentals with our beginner course

About the course

Data is an integral part of every successful business. Data analysts prepare, process, and analyze data to help inform business decisions. According to IBM, there were more than 2.7 million data jobs in 2020. In the Data Analyst experience, you will learn to use data analysis tools (Excel and Tableau), make data-driven decisions to improve business performance, and learn to create data visualizations. No prerequisites or previous experience required to sign up.

Note: A laptop or computer is required for this program – some assignments are difficult to complete on mobile or tablet.

The program is FREE if you complete it. Complete a portfolio project to get your money back within the 6 week program. (Learn about the Commitment Bond) 

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Work with a cohort of up to 30 peers - Ask questions, share ideas and work together on this course.