Story Made Simple Workshop

Story Made Simple is an impactful workshop to develop more dynamic communication. 

Practice and learn story skills for everyday conversation.  Enhance listening and become more confident in your communication.  


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Every brand has a story, and it’s this story that drives revenue. What’s your story?

This course helps people in revenue activities because knowing your brand and knowing how to market that narrative is directly tied to demand creation and the sales narrative. THAT is ‘story,’ also known as ‘the sales narrative’. How are people sharing the narrative to help customers see the value in their offering? Learn how to do it better and actually create your own sales narrative through this workshop! Come with an idea, leave with a story you can use for your brand!”

Key takeaways:

-Discover important messages

-Find stories through story mapping

-Practice a framework to share your stories

About the Teacher:

Storystation is based in Bali and Los Angeles.  We create innovative events, programs, and online workshops to deliver inspiration through the power of the story.

Founded in San Francisco by Jennifer Capo, it began as a movement to connect communities, cultures, and teams in a more authentic and relatable way.  Today, we train offline and online teams and individuals worldwide.

Jennifer has worked in media and communications for over 15 years.  She is fluent in writing, production, and film.   She brings a proven framework that supports today’s communication styles.

Join her Story Made Simple workshop and become a more confident leader.  In all classes, we use practical exercises to enhance learning in a relaxed setting.





Story Made Simple Workshop

Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021 20:00


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